Te Waka Kai Ora
National Māori Organic Authority

He Whenua Rongo

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Hua Parakore

An Indigenous verification and validation system for food and product.

Nau mai haere ki Te Waka Kai Ora

 – We are the National Māori Organics Authority of Aotearoa. We are the kaitiaki of the Hua Parakore Indigenous Validation and Verification system for Kai Atua or Pure Food. Our Hua Parakore system is a Māori food sovereignty system that supports food secure futures for our whānau. We are staunchly opposed to the use of chemicals, fertilisers and GMOs in agriculture and all food production.

We are a not-for-profit kaupapa Māori organisation. We are made up of Hua Parakore verified producers and Māori growers, producers, cooks, bakers, fermenters and farmers. Our community stretches across the motu and to Indigenous  cousins in Hawaii, and Tawaian.

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We were founded in 2001 at a hui at Ratana Pa.

Our kaupapapa is understood in the whakatauki: 

He Kai te Rongoa He Rongoa te Kai - Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Our Kaupapa include:

Mauri Ora; te oranga ara orangatanga o te haa o te Ao Turoa, Putaiao (resonance)
Manawa Ora, te oranga, orangatanga mai e te hinengaro (maturity)   
Wai Ora, oranga;  orangatanga mai e te wairua (vibrancy)
Whanau Ora, oranga; orangatanga timatatanga o te tiaki whanau (unity)
Hau Ora, oranga, orangatanga, te hihiri o te hau whangai te tinana ( vitality) Nā 
– Te Iwi Puihi Tipene, Ngati Hine, Founder Te Waka Kai Ora.

We are a Treaty partner organisation to Organics Aotearoa New Zealand and have relationships
and many friends across the wider organics sector and with Māori organisations and communities in Aotearoa. We are grateful for the support from Te Aho Tu Roa, Toimata Foundation in our current development phase. 


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