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Pounamu Skelton

Ko Taranaki toku mounga
Ko Te Ati Awa, Taranaki, Ngati Ruanui oku iwi
Ko Pounamu Skelton toku ingoa

Pounamu Skelton is deeply connected to her traditional landscapes and Maori culture in Taranaki Aotearoa. As a mum of two daughters, wife, teacher and inspirational leader she lives passionately by planting seeds of wellness amongst her community through education of growing huaparakore kai and living naturally with plant medicine of essential oils.  

Pounamu was part of the research team that co -designed the Huaparakore verification system, she has years of experience of teaching Kai Oranga in Taranaki and is currently sharing Maara Kai and health and wellbeing in the online space across Aotearoa and overseas.

Pounamu not only grows an abundant huaparakore maara on her tupuna whenua but has spent the past few years diving deep into healing with her people through the art of “Maara Kai” and reconnecting whanau to their inner Atua leaving behind anxiety, addictions and depression.  

The magic of healing occurs when we increase the mauri of the whenua and grow mauri rich kai that gives us mauriora or a sense of wellbeing. He oranga whenua he oranga tangata.



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