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Te Waka Kai Ora is also a Māori food sovereignty movement and network. We support whānau, hapū and Māori communities to join together to; grow, farm, compost, bake, cook, make and eat kai. Adopting Hua Parakore as a kaupapa food sovereignty framework can guide whānau, farmers, cooks, growers and community gardeners and educators to build pathways for food secure futures for whānau. This is about having access to safe, local, culturally appropriate and nutrient dense food that supports living and thriving Māori economies.  

“Māori food sovereignty in Aotearoa puts Māori who produce, distribute and consume food – rather than the demands of global markets, free trade agreements and corporations – at the heart of food systems and policies. There are many options available to local and central government that could support a more food-secure future for whānau…. Māori food sovereignty  empoers whānau and hapū driven food production, distribution and consumption based on environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability”

- From Te Mahi Maara Hua Parakore A Māori Food Sovereignty Handbook(2015, Hutchings, page 38)

Opposed to all forms of Genetic Modification (GM)

Part of our work over the last two decades has been to continually oppose GM in our agriculture and food systems. Hua Parakore is GM free. GM tampers with the whakapapa within an organism and disrupts the mauri and integrity of ngā taonga tuku iho. We oppose the misappropriation of cultural and intellectual property rights and support the rights upheld in the Mataatua Declaration.

Resources by Indigenous and Local Community Organizations Mataatua Declaration on Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Date: June 1993
Notes: Code of Ethics cited in Article 1.3 for external users and Articles 2.12, 2.13 and 2.14 for museums.

Te Mahi Māra Hua Parakore

Māori food sovereignty is the practice of ensuring food-secure futures for whānau, independent of multinational and national food systems and in harmony with Te Ao Tūroa (the natural world). It is about whānau having access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that is produced locally and free from chemicals, pesticides and genetic modification.

We are continually building our networks to work collectively for Māori food sovereignty, join up to stay connected and share your Māori food sovereignty stories with us so we can continue to grow our whānau.


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