Become Hua Parakore Verified 
Whether you have a Maara Kai at home, or  are selling your produce within Aotearoa,  hold an existing organic certification  or a commercial exporter. Hua Parakore is a korowai that can embrace all of you. 

The three year process start's where all life  begins at 

  • Kākano complete your Hua Parakore Kai production plan, embracing the six principles of Hua Parakore and how they are expressed in your Mahinga Kai.  
  • Tipuranga where growth is emerging and your practise is embodying Hua Parakore. 
  • Hua Parakore which is demonstrated in your practises, connections within your community and a manifestation of the six Hua Parakore principles. 

Upon joining Hua Parakore you are invited to our exclusive online Wānanga held monthly, where you will mastermind with like minded whanau and where the knowledge is deepened in our Mahinga Kai proactises. 

The annual fees for joining Hua Parakore are 

  1.  Maara Kai at Home   $86  per year 
  2. Commercial                $302  per year 

We follow the natural rhythms of the Maaramataka where you are able to join Hua Parakore at any time however our submission date for paperwork is in Matariki/Puanga 24th June annually. 

Sign up today for year one - Kākano  by clicking join now 

What is Hua Parakore?

Hua Parakore is a kaupapa Māori system for Kai Atua - Pure Foods. It can also be activated by Māori for Māori as a food sovereignty and food security system. It supports local māra kai initiatives and agriculture and horticulture that is free from all pesticides, fertilisers and GMO. It is the world’s first Indigenous verification system for Kai Atua. There are Hua Parakore verified producers both on farms, marae and with Māori food outlets across Aotearoa. Hua Parakore is also available to other Indigenous producers around the world and as such there are Indigenous producers that are Hua Parakore verified such as MA’O Farms in Hawaii. 

“Hua Parakore is an integrity based process about authenticating Māori seeds, Māori grown, Māori verified, Māori marketed and Māori exported. Hua Parakore is a Māori point of difference”

- Te Iwi Puihi Tipene, Ngati Hine, Founder Te Waka Kai Ora.

Hua Parakore is an Indigenous validation and verification system that
is based on mātauranga, tikanga and te reo and is drawn from the wisdom of our tupuna.

Hua Parakore provides a kaupapa Māori pathway for Māori producers to
tell a kaupapa Māori story with regards to their food production.

Hua Parakore is also understood as Kai Atua or a pure product. All elements
are traceable with no exposure to any contaminant including GMOs. Hua Parakore products are created within a safe environment, harmonized with all elements of nature.

Hua Parakore is not a standard, the system has values that combine
mātauranga Māori, tikanga and key organic principles.


Te Papawhairiki mō Hua Parakore

Ngā Āhuatanga is a kete of resources to support growers and producers to become Hua Parakore valiadated and verified. Hua Parakore validated and verified producers will receive the Hua Parakore Korowai for use on their mahinga kai and products.

Dr Jessica Hutchings Interview on Hua Parakore, Māori Food Sovereignty, and Growing Organic Food

This is the full-length interview with Dr Jessica Hutchings for Happen Films "Hua Parakore: Living Indigenous Food Sovereignty".

In the media

Hua parakore: an indigenous food sovereignty initiative and hallmark of excellence for food and product production

Hua Parakore is an indigenous verification and validation system for mahinga kai (food and product production) that is initiated and driven by Te Waka Kai Ora (National Māori Organics Authority of Aotearoa). It is the realisation of a community driven kaupapa Māori research project located at the flaxroots with Te Waka Kai Ora regional communities.


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